Some Great Baking Tips & EASTER UPDATE!!


I recently came across a Blog post that layed out all the things that I have learned throughout my years of baking. My hope is that if you don’t already know these tricks, this blog can help you find these out before prefectly good batches of cookies are ruined. You may know by now how much I dislike a good batch of cookies going to waste.

Take a look at Cookie Baking 101 on the Blog ‘Sweet and Crumby’

And don’t forget!!

Easter is coming up.

Do you need Easter treats for the big day? How about a gift box for that special someone, whether it be your child, mother, brother or significant other, everyone loves an Easter Treat!!

Message me if you are interested.

Who knows, your order might come with a little surprise!!

Box of 6 cookies $10.00

Box of 12 cookies $15.00

Box of 24 cookies $25.00

Shortbread cookies are a great Easter Cookie, I can incorporate your favorite Easter Colors or shapes.

Put in your orders soon, so as not to leave it too late!!

Have a great day!!


One thought on “Some Great Baking Tips & EASTER UPDATE!!

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my site and your kind words. I can’t wait to explore this delightful site further! I wish you a prosperous Easter cookie ordering season! 🙂

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