Thanksgiving experiment


Hello everyone,
Sorry it’s been so long, I have had some major life changes and have been procrastinating updating my blog.

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, I of course volunteered to do dessert for the big night. I couldn’t decide between apple pie or pumpkin pie. My choice therefore was obvious… A combination of both. I did individual apple pumpkin pies as well as one big one. Served fresh out of the oven with vanilla ice cream and cool whip, these little desserts were an absolute hit. My testers weren’t enthusiastic about my choice because the majority of them have this ridiculous dislike of pies in general. Weird.. I know. Who doesn’t like pie? Crazy people. But this odd preconceived notion was soon changed as everyone took their first bites. Alas, another checkmark/exclamation mark in the number of times my desserts have rendered people speechless, apart from the orgasmic moans of the satisfied (strictly taste related).

I hope to experiment with pumpkin fritter cookies in keeping with the spirit of fall. So you should be hearing about that shortly. I am not sure I will have a chance to do my Halloween cookies this year 😦 I wish I had an event to do it for but it looks like my days of co-hosting a Halloween party are over.
I am still going out for Halloween though and I have actually spent quite a bit of time making my costume, so I think I will post about that later as well.
Anyways, thanks for your patience, I will try to do better.



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