Update! I`m still doing this! Snickerdoodles!

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I know it has, yet again, been quite a while since I last posted. I am still baking and still adding new recipes when I can. My latest addition has been the delicious and fragrant Snickerdoodle. It wasn’t until a few month ago that I even knew what a Snickerdoodle was… I always thought it was some American chocolate bar. These cookies though, are amazing! Soft, chewy with scrumptious cinnamon sugar. One of my new favourites for sure!

In other news, I will be jet setting off to a long awaited European Vacation next month!! Starting off in London, I will join my Contiki Tour and make my way to Paris, Bordeaux, San Sebastian and finish off in Barcelona. My plan is to eat, sightsee, eat, explore, eat, shop, drink and eat! I will be taking some cooking lessons in San Sebastian and if the opportunity arises I hope I can get in on some baking action is Beautiful Paris!! Who knows, maybe this trip will be the push I need to finally get me to move to France and become a Pastry Chef, but I digress.

Hope you all are well and keeping it sweet!


Snickerdoodle2015 003

 Sniff of Approval

Sniff of Approval



One thought on “Update! I`m still doing this! Snickerdoodles!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Frickin love snickerdoodles!

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