The Gala was a hit!!

Hello All

Just wanted to update you on Chantel Funk Design inc Grand opening Gala.

For those of you who made it, thank you for all the kind words and I would like to apologize for any weight you have gained because of me. If it makes you feel any better… I am right there with you lol.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, let me give you a run down of the night.

At 6:00 when the Gala started, the place was already packed.

Chantel had a few great vendors come in as well such as

Trav and Ash Photography

They photographed the event and were a delight to talk to. What an amazing and inspiring couple, and they had the coolest business cards (Stamped wooden shingles with personalized compliments for each person written on the back) Mine read “an amazing baker and easy-going”.

Chantel also invited Kim Hrubizna from Faces by Kim Hrubinza. She is a fantastic Make up Artist whose portfolio speaks for itself.

I was lucky enough to supply all the food for the event.

The menu consisted of…

Shortbread Cookies

Pumpkin Shortbread Cookies

Walnut Crunch Doughnookies

Apple Fritter Doughnookies

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (both glazed and unglazed)

Cream Puffs in Coconut, Lemon and Vanilla Flavors.

To break up the sweets I made a couple of non cookie snacks.

A delicious yet extremely easy spread of Cream Cheese layered with Seafood Sauce, Baby Shrimp, Shredded Cheese and Green Onion. Which goes perfectly with an assortment of crackers, chips and Pita chips.

The second non cookie item of the night was bacon infused Devilled Eggs.

I am extremely proud of these

Bacon Infused Deviled Eggs

Bacon Infused Deviled Eggs

I had many people asking about the services I offer and telling me how delicious my cookies are. It was a big ego booster.

So I just wanted to say Thank you again to everyone who came.

Hope you all had a great time

And Thanks again to Chantel Funk for giving me the opportunity to get my name out there

Talk to you soon!!

Diandra (Sweet Dee)


Chantel Funk Design Inc Gala!

Chantel Funk Design Inc Grand Opening Gala

Chantel Funk Design Inc Grand Opening Gala

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about an upcoming event at Chantel Funk Design Inc in Abbotsford. Chantel and her staff are having a Grand Opening Gala Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 6pm for gift bags, a draw for one of their fabulous gift baskets, special promotional deals, and refreshments.
Come meet her team and join in the celebration!

As a long time customer of Chantel I can honestly say I have never been happier with my hairstylist. Chantel has taken my unruly mane and tamed it to perfection. Not only is she a great hairstylist, artist and entrepreneur, she is also a close friend of mine so I highly encourage you to drop by and see what she and her staff are all about.

Cookies and other treats will be supplied by yours truly, Hope to see you all there!

Diandra (Sweet Dee)

Check out Chantel Funk Design Inc here

and on Facebook here!/ChantelFunkDesignInc