Introducing the newest addition to the Doughnookie Family!!!

Mmm.. I love the smell of fresh baked cookies in the morning! I have been very busy in the kitchen this morning, last night I was filling a few Easter orders of Apple Fritter Doughnookies and I decided to set aside some dough to try out a suggestion that Chantel Funk ( gave me. It is based on a German doughnut that has raspberry jelly and a sugar coating (not powdered sugar). There are many names for this type of doughnut, but I have decided to call it “The Berliner Doughnookie”!!! So everyone please welcome the newest member of my menu, you will not be disappointed.

In addition to trying out a new cookie, I was also inspired by my Oma’s trademark Easter gift that me and my sister would get every year.
A Woven Basket made of (insert shiver of anticipation) CHOCOLATE!!! My most favorite ingredient ever!!!

It being my first time trying this, I went to a place everyone can learn something from… YouTube.
Now apparently my Oma would use a balloon for hers, but I liked the idea of the ice cooling the chocolate down quicker so I tried this instead.
I wasn’t quite prepared to attempt a whole basket, so instead I got me some Easter eggs,


filled them up halfway with water (plugged the little holes) and let them freeze over night. Once frozen I melted the chocolate and went to work.

I realized its a good idea to let the chocolate cool slightly before starting on such a steep surface, as the hot chocolate just slid down the ice egg.
Once cooled a bit though, it worked quite nicely and I was able to make a sort of chocolate 1/2 Faberge Egg ( maybe not quite as elegant as that, but my intentions were good)

Chocolate cooling on Ice eggs

Chocolate cooling on Ice eggs

once cooled I pulled the half chocolate eggs off the ice and after cooling my fingers for a bit on an ice egg, I was able to use my remaining chocolate to fuse the 2 halves together. Thus creating a woven Easter egg made of chocolate!

First attempt at woven chocolate eggs

First attempt at woven chocolate eggs

So there you have it, I think this idea is quite universal, if you have shaped ice cube holders you can pretty much do whatever you heart, tastebuds or stomach may desire. White chocolate, dark chocolate, I might even try adding some peanut butter to the melted chocolate next time, as everyone knows the best combination ever invented was chocolate and peanut butter.
Well, I’m off. Unfortunately it is time for what every good baker dreads, the cleaning of the kitchen 😦


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More pictures to be posted soon.
Have a great long weekend, a Happy Easter and Happy Baking!!!

Sweet Dee



Some Great Baking Tips & EASTER UPDATE!!


I recently came across a Blog post that layed out all the things that I have learned throughout my years of baking. My hope is that if you don’t already know these tricks, this blog can help you find these out before prefectly good batches of cookies are ruined. You may know by now how much I dislike a good batch of cookies going to waste.

Take a look at Cookie Baking 101 on the Blog ‘Sweet and Crumby’

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